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Apple MVNO, the final frontier?

Recent industry chatter has once again raised the topic of owning the customer relationship Vs owning the infrastructure that sits behind the service.

I am of course referring to Apple. Sources close to the organisation say the company is privately trialing an MVNO service in the US, in addition to being in talks with telecoms companies in Europe about bringing the service there too.

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Tech Change Infographic

The last decade has heralded the arrival of some true technology pioneers. In the same breath, it has bid farewell to some trailblazers who, in their day, were just as pioneering.


The MVNO Value-Add

Piran Partner’s Erick O’Connor looks to the future of the MVNO market and the trends that are creating opportunities for the sector.

“Enterprises are now beginning to invest in dedicated mobile phones for their employees despite the advent of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD). Security concerns and the need to control company sensitive information means that for IT managers there is value in controlling your own devices.

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MVNOs – a snapshot and the opportunities

Where do the challenges lay in the MVNO market?

All successful MVNOs share a number of common traits: a deep understanding of their customers, a focus on costs, plus ownership of the key customer ‘touchpoints’ allied to a viable network partnership model.

However the new ‘big name brand’ entrants into the market – Google in the USA, Sky in the UK and freemium models such as offered by FreedomPop – will stir-up the market putting pressure on ARPUs. This in turn will force existing MVNOs to place an even greater emphasis on their propositions and delivery capabilities.

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Piran Partners: 10 years of business, 10 years in the blink of an eye.

In the blink of an eye, technology is moving forward at an ever increasing rate.

From theory to concept, from the first Turing-complete digital computer in 1946, to that reprogrammed to look for the answer in “a large class of numerical problems”.

Whichever way you look at it, technology has helped us focus outside of our own planet to the moon and beyond. It has come so far in the blink of an eye, arguably with more evidence in support of a theory that it is now outstripping even this minute and rapid movement.

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Where next for MVNOs?

MVNOs have been successful in unlocking underserved markets segments and offering choice and innovation to customers. Today there are over 1000 MVNOs serving approximately 138 million customers. But worldwide, and especially in the mature markets, they are under real pressure. Is the traditional single-play MVNO a sustainable model for the future?

Presentation given at Field Fisher, Telecoms Intensive, March 2015.


The challenges facing mobile operators worldwide

Mobile operators have been tremendously successful in providing voice and data services to people worldwide over the last 20 years, but they now face significant commercial, operational and competitive challenges, not just in the mature markets of Europe and North America. What are these challenges and how should they respond in the coming decades?