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From Beijing to Basildon: Why the UK MVNO market is set for a Far Eastern shake-up

The UK MVNO market is an ever-evolving landscape. The struggle for market share is played out by the Titans of Virgin and Tesco Mobile, and the plucky new-starts like Delight Mobile. However, as the curtain was drawing on 2017, a new player entered the game. A first for the UK MVNO arena, a red flag with five yellow stars was driven into the Telecoms turf.

China had arrived.

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Next generation technologies and business


So-called ‘next generation’ technologies have been impacting the business world for a number of years now. We take a look at the state of play in this snapshot infographic.

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The future just arrived – you’ll be wearing it on your feet

The Future Just Arrived… and you’ll be Wearing it on Your Feet

In one of the most iconic moments in modern cinema, Marty McFly, played by the legendary Michael J. Fox, in Back to the Future 2, squats to adjust a pair of Nike trainers he’s procured from the imagined 2015 he finds himself in.

Delighting audiences at the time the trainers self-adjust and the Nike logo is displayed, moving on an LED strip which runs across the tongue. It took 26 years but in the Spring of 2016 Nike revealed the Nike Mag, a self-adjusting trainer replete with glowing LED branding.

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The greater need for automation

How The ‘Dark Web’ Is Pushing the Need for Greater Automation

 Automation is quickly becoming the order of the day in the world of business and it’s not difficult to see why.

Communication is streamlined in a most pleasing fashion, accountability is regimented, manual errors are all but done away with and the process of keeping tabs on all areas of commercial activity is made drastically easier. That being said, it isn’t being used everywhere and in those places it is not being utilised a sinister entity is taking advantage; The Dark Web.

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A Connected World: The online human race

To say the growth of the internet has been (and continues to be) exponential is not to say anything new, but as we motor through the second decade of the 21st century it is worthwhile stopping to take stock of just how connected we, as a people, now are.

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Can businesses catch the success of Pokémon Go?  

If you’ve spent the past couple of weeks backpacking around Patagonia or ice diving in the South Pole you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve returned to some kind of zombie apocalypse as you dodge single-minded hordes staring wild-eyed into their phones and moving as a herd to specific locations.

Rest assured though that it is not human entrails they seek but rather tiny, little Japanese anime monsters, suspended in augmented reality, called Pokémon.

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Gamification for business – another level

Gamification. It sounds like a made-up word; the truth is that it is.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that a word celebrating only its fourteenth birthday this year isn’t starting to carry some serious clout in the world of business. “But what does it mean?!” you snarl at your computer screen. Well the truth is that definitions vary somewhat depending on who you ask but in this piece we are going to concentrate on those definitions most widely accepted.

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Prepare to be assimilated with Virtual Reality

Mobile is everything. Prepare to be assimilated, monitored and connected wirelessly and at high speed.

Having returned from Barcelona, the three key themes of this year’s Mobile World Congress appeared to be virtual reality (VR), the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G. As well as the amazing number of Chinese and French (yes) smartphone manufacturers.

No self-respecting stand was without one or more VR headsets. Leading the charge: Samsung’s huge day one launch, and people queuing to take in the experience on SK Telecom’s yellow submarine adventure, or practice their downhill skiing with the GSMA. The link? The increasing power of smartphones to provide a fully immersive environment, especially for gaming.

IoT also appeared everywhere, with Nokia, Intel, GSMA and others promoting the opportunities associated with connecting things to the Internet –  though the non-machine-to-machine use cases and the commercial models all seem tenuous at present. Having said that the LoRa Alliance recognises the need to standardise inter-operability for low-power devices if this market is to take off.

The live demos of pre-standard “Narrowband-IoT” Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks using long range, low bandwidth (sub 384kbps) Extended Coverage GPRS and separately LTE were impressive. And Vodafone Spain is already trialing connected water meters with coverage even possible underground

And from low speed to high speed 5G and the next “big thing”, many stands were making the pitch for the benefits of high-speed, low latency, bandwidth able to inter-operate with Wi-Fi for enhanced coverage and throughput. Though one wonders how the industry will deliver the necessary backhaul cost effectively.

Mind you we’re going to need this bandwidth once we’re all assimilated by VR.