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The increasing digitalisation of the Public Sector

When we think about sectors on the cusp – or indeed in the midst – of full-blown digitalisation, springing to the minds of most would most probably be the likes of automotive, aviation, finance, and manufacturing. Few would have the Public Sector anywhere near the top of such a list, and though there are certainly sectors ahead in the great technological race, it’s a sector that it would be unwise to underestimate.

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£35m Wi-Fi and 5G Trial cut back by Government

5G and Wi-Fi is on the back burner for the UK’s railways.

In light of much higher than expected costs and general market apathy towards the project, the UK Government has announced it is to scrap part of its £35 million trial of 5G-based mobile and fixed line fibre technology along the Trans Pennine rail route. With support from the Department for Culture Media and Science (DCMS) the line, which connects Manchester and York, had been selected as a trial area for new trackside wireless systems.

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Ripple effect: The new technologies disrupting the business world

If it’s a ‘safe space’ you’re looking for, the world of business is probably best avoided. Nothing here stays tranquil for long. However quickly a business model can be established, you can be reasonably certain that something will soon come along to turn it on its head.

At no point in history has that been more true than it is today. The technological revolution is churning out innovations and solutions at a dizzying rate. For some businesses, these new technologies deal a hammer blow (think Blockbuster, HMV, Nokia). For others, if they can adapt to the potential of they offer, it can revolutionise how they operate.

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The importance of benchmarking for stakeholder loyalty

Whatever various individual pursuits a business is undertaking, ultimately, they are all part of the same, broader pursuit; the pursuit of continuous improvement. Profits, customer service, employee engagement, supplier relationships, IT infrastructures, for a company to thrive each element of the business must always be subject to analysis of how improvements can be made. One of the many upshots of continuous improvement is enhanced stakeholder loyalty, an essential component of any business model.

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Brexit and the MVNO market: What does the UK’s exit from the EU mean for the industry?

Brexit. Or the ‘B-Word’ as it is becoming more commonly known, given its capacity to fracture friendships, induce hysterical newspaper reporting, and see polite dinner parties descend into finger-jabbing and Vol-Au-Vent throwing. It seems these days the ‘B-Word’ has developed a certain omnipresence, it has become the lens through which we must view all issues surrounding British politics and commerce. Hated, adored, it can’t be ignored. More so since a date for our exit was slapped on the ring-binder.

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From Beijing to Basildon: Why the UK MVNO market is set for a Far Eastern shake-up

The UK MVNO market is an ever-evolving landscape. The struggle for market share is played out by the Titans of Virgin and Tesco Mobile, and the plucky new-starts like Delight Mobile. However, as the curtain was drawing on 2017, a new player entered the game. A first for the UK MVNO arena, a red flag with five yellow stars was driven into the Telecoms turf.

China had arrived.

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5G making waves in more ways than one…

CES 2018: 5G making waves in more ways than one…

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the most hotly anticipated annual technology extravaganzas on the planet. Hosted in Las Vegas (because, obviously), it boasts an array of industry specialists from all the global tech blue-chips, and features demonstrations of some of the most cutting-edge technological innovations. If the year ahead is the movie about which technologies will shape our lives, the CES is the trailer.

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Next generation technologies and business


So-called ‘next generation’ technologies have been impacting the business world for a number of years now. We take a look at the state of play in this snapshot infographic.

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